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Sign Up for the Important Email List | Every few weeks I will release content, information, guides that can help you for college. These resources might not be applicable to you if you're past a particular stage during your college career, however, they will absolutely be useful to you if you discover them at the right time. I will email you directly when new content or information is available.


Comprehensive Resume Guide | This has about 10 pages of written content + visual guides | Your résumé is the most important document you will submit for any opportunity. This guide takes my decades worth of experiences helping students and recent graduates win national fellowships like the Rhodes, Mitchell, Marshall, Schwarzman, Gates Cambridge, and Fulbright Scholarships, and obtain job offers at top companies Goldman Sachs, Google/Alphabet, Facebook/Meta, etc. The Guide breaks down clearly how you can create a resume that represents you effectively. Unlike other online guides, this dives deeply into explaining the "why" behind building the best possible resume. My goal is to help you develop a framework for immediate self-correction so that you can–over the long-run–achieve your professional goals.


National Fellowship Guide | Scholarship and Fellowship Programs like the Rhodes, Schwarzman, Mitchell, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Luce, and Fulbright are life-changing for anyone who is fortunate enough to win these awards. They offer an experience and a network that can help you for the rest of your life; however, they are very difficult to win. Only top undergraduates and exceptional graduates have a chance to interview for them, and you have to prepare well in advance to give yourself the best chance. I won a Mitchell, a Luce, and a Fulbright, and I've helped dozens of students win these awards, including my younger brother who won a Schwarzman Scholarship. This website brings together my decades-long experience helping others apply and win. If you are a top student at your undergraduate institution, you have a chance. The earlier you learn about these programs, the better it is for you to set yourself up to win.


Resume Review | You share your resume/CV with me and within ~48 hours, I'll review your resume as a recruiter or company might. I'll send back a ~10 min voice memo, which will help you understand how a third party views your candidacy. This direct and thorough advice should help you improve your resume (for when it really matters).


One-on-One Consulting ($100 at 5pm, almost daily) | You send me any background information you have beforehand (e.g. your resume) along with your goals (applying for an internship, job, academic program, grad school?) (email in the link). Then I'll spend about half an hour reviewing the materials, and we'll speak for at least half an hour to help you plan ahead. Bring specific questions to maximize your time with me.

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